About Akardağ Constructıon

Akardağ Yapı Müteahhitliği Ltd. has taken important steps towards institutionalisation by taking the title of “Limited Company” in 2018. Our company was founded by Mr. Hüseyin Akar and has successfully completed many housing, business centre and shop projects in Cyprus, as well as many building renovations. Akardağ Building Contracting Ltd., which always prioritises customer satisfaction and progresses rapidly in institutionalisation, operates as a company known for its reliability and open to innovations. Our company, which progresses by adding different values to each project, aims to ensure customer satisfaction with projects based on trust. Akardağ Yapı Müteahhitliği Ltd., which operates in turnkey project contracting, government tender works, build-sell and leasing, makes its customers feel its quality by working with an expert team during the architectural design, engineering services and construction phase. Our company continues to grow and develop day by day with the principles of quality in design, trust in materials and durability in construction.

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Our Story

In today’s world, we are working to provide better service every day with confident steps thanks to our work that we have built on solid and dynamics in the changing economy and we are doing more than we can do.

Our Values

As Akardağ Yapı Müteahhitliği Ltd., we strictly adhere to the values we have determined while conducting our business. These values form the basis of our company and distinguish us from others. We observe the following values while doing our job:

1. Quality: Providing the highest quality service to our customers is our top priority. We aim for excellence in our projects and strive to continuously raise quality standards.

2. Trust: It is important to adhere to ethical values to gain and maintain the trust of our customers. We establish transparent communication and honest relationships with a collaborative approach.

3. Innovation: We constantly search for new ideas and closely follow the technology to produce innovative solutions and be a pioneer in the sector. We take open-minded and courageous steps to pioneer innovations in the construction industry.

4. Customer Satisfaction: We take the necessary care to exceed the expectations of our customers. We work in a way that is sensitive to their needs and focus on ensuring their satisfaction in our projects.

These values shape the way Akardağ Yapı Müteahhitliği Ltd. does business and its corporate identity. While working with the principles of customer orientation, quality, trust, innovation and sustainability, we continue to achieve our goal of becoming a leading company in the sector.

Strategy, Mıssıon, Vısıon

Akardağ Yapı Müteahhitliği Ltd. is a quality-oriented and innovative company that keeps customer satisfaction at the highest level. Our mission is to exceed our customers’ expectations by providing them with high quality structures. We work loyal to our ethical values to gain the trust of our customers and establish long-term relationships.

Our vision is to be a leader in the construction industry and to improve the quality of life of the society with innovative projects. By combining technology and design, we build sustainable structures with aesthetics, functionality and environmentally friendly designs. We aim to be a brand that sets quality standards in the construction sector and to be recognised as a company that shapes the future of the sector.

Our strategy is based on continuous development and customer orientation. We follow the best practices in the construction sector and closely follow the technology and integrate it into our projects. We prioritise quality, trust and durability in our projects to ensure customer satisfaction.

We also attach importance to collaborations and partnerships. We increase the quality and success of our projects by working with teams specialised in construction projects, design and engineering services.

As Akardağ Yapı Taahhüt Ltd., we constantly improve ourselves in line with our mission, vision and strategies and focus on providing the best service to our customers. We continue to stand

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our Team

hüseyin akar


Mr Huseyin Akar is the director of Akardag Construction Company and continues to develop the company he founded in 2008 every day.


accountant and director’s assistant

Born in 1987, Şahsine Hanım looks after the accounting affairs of her company and at the same time assists the manager.

serap menekşe

Content producer offıce and advertısement manager

Responsible for updating the sales price lists and the office

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